Master of Arts in Education


The mission of the MA in Education at LAU is to prepare aspiring professionals in the field of education to become leaders, change agents, effective educational practitioners and educational researchers.

Program Educational Objectives

Students who complete the MA Program will:

  1. Gain critical understanding of curriculum and pedagogy;
  2. Develop dispositions for continuous professional development and leadership; and
  3. Conduct educational research

Student Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to:

  1. Develop curriculum materials for teaching;
  2. Implement evidence-based instructional strategies;
  3. Demonstrate compliance with ethical educational standards;
  4. Analyze professional educational resources’;
  5. Implement data-driven decision making;
  6. Formulate educational research topics and designs; and
  7. Engage in critical data-based reflection on educational practices.


A student may choose one of two tracks: A. Cross Track or B. Specialist Area. In total, students have to accumulate 30 credits at the Master’s level. The program is comprised of four blocks:

Core Education Courses (12 credits):

  • EDU730 / Curriculum Design (3 cr.)
  • EDU731 / Research Methods (3 cr.)
  • EDU732 / Educational Technology (3 cr.)
  • EDU733 / Advanced Educational Psychology (3 cr.)
  • EDU700 / Graduate Workshop

Electives (3 credits)

One of the following courses:

  • EDU740 / Trends and Issues in Early and Middle Childhood Education (3 cr.)
  • EDU741 / Special Education for all Educators (3 cr.)
  • EDU742 / Behavior Modification Techniques (3 cr.)
  • EDU743 / Trends and Issues in Teaching, Learning, and Assessment (3 cr.)
  • EDU745 / Educational Policies and Social Impact (3 cr.)
  • EDU748 / Topics in Education (3 cr.)

A. Cross Track (9 credits)

Choose any three EDU courses at the graduate level

B. Specialist Area

Choose ONE emphasis from the following:

Specialist 1: Management and Leadership (9 credits)

  • EDU751 / Leading and Managing Schools/Educational Institutions (3 cr.)
  • EDU752 / Trends and Issues in Educational Management (3 cr.)  
  • EDU753 / School Effectiveness and Improvement (3 cr.)

Specialist 2: Teaching of English for Speakers of Other Languages (9 credits)

  • EDU761 / Trends and Issues in TESOL (3 cr.)                              
  • EDU762 / Sociolinguistics and Social Context of Language (3 cr.)
  • EDU763 / Discourse and Materials Development (3 cr.)                

Specialist 3: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Education (9 credits)

  • EDU771 / Pedagogical and Cognitive Foundations of STEM Education (3 cr.)
  • EDU772 / Trends and Issues in STEM Education (3 cr.)
  • EDU773 / Research in STEM Education (3 cr.)

Capstone (6 credits):

Students may choose one of the following three options:

Option 1:

EDU798 / Project in Education (3 credits) + one elective course (3 credits)

Option 2:

EDU799 / Thesis in Education (6 credits)

Option 3:

Professional Track: available for students with a minimum of three years of Education-related experience + 2 graduate courses

Last modified: September 26, 2017