School of Business


Interim Dean

  • Said Ladki, Ph.D.

Associate Deans

  • Salpie Djoundourian, Ph.D.
  • Abdallah Dah, Ph.D.


  • Ms. Georgina Elias, Senior Executive Assistant
  • Ms. Maya Khoury, Academic Assistant
  • Ms. Rania Monla, Accreditation and continuous improvement coordinator
  • Ms. Rula Asfour, Assessment Officer
  • Ms. Lina Abou Chacra, Career and Placement Officer


  • Department of Economics (ECON)
  • Department of Finance and Accounting (FINA)
  • Department of Hospitality and Marketing (HMKT)
  • Department of Information Technology and Operation Management (ITOM)
  • Department of Management Studies (MNGT)

Programs/Degrees Offered


The School of Business at the Lebanese American University operates on two campuses located in Beirut and Byblos. LAU admitted the first batch of business students in 1979 in Beirut and later welcomed business students in 1994 in Byblos. Prior to 1980, the business division was hosted under the umbrella of the social science department. As of fall 1980, the Business Studies Division started to operate as an independent entity granting BA degrees in different concentration areas in business administration. The Master of Science (M.S.) in Business was launched as a graduate business program in fall 1981. The Business program continued to be offered under the umbrella of the Division of Business Studies until spring 1992, when a full-fledged School of Business was established, with the appointment of two directors, one for each campus, and several chairs to manage the various programs. Academic year 1996-97 witnessed the appointment of two deans, one for each campus. In the same year, a Master of Business Administration (MBA) replaced the existing M.S. degree program. The introduction of two new undergraduate programs leading to Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degrees in Economics, and Hospitality and Tourism Management took place in 2000, followed by the Executive Master’s in Business Administration (EMBA) Program. In 2001, the School of Business started to award a B.S. in Business instead of the B.A. degree. In 2011, the School of Business moved to truly become one university with two campuses with the appointment of one dean for the school.

There is a dedicated building for the School of Business in Beirut and a shared building for the school on the Byblos campus. Buildings are equipped with state-of-the-art classrooms (smart classrooms), spacious office facilities, numerous seminar rooms, auditoriums for conferences and presentations, business computer labs at which graduate assistants provide students with technical help, and that are equipped with state-of-the-art desk top computers and high speed laser jet printers, as well as updated business and statistical software, a cooperative learning center (CLC) to support students who are experiencing academic difficulties, hospitality management labs to integrate classroom instruction with extensive hands-on experience in food production and restaurant and hotel services, and lounges to encourage student and faculty-student interaction, among others.


The School of Business at LAU offers quality graduate and undergraduate business and economics programs to develop ethically responsible professionals who are committed to civic engagement and to contribution to the economic development of Lebanon and the region. Through excellent teaching, scholarly activities, and professional service, the school provides a student-centered environment to its diverse student population.


Our vision is to earn global recognition as a leading school of business in Lebanon and the Middle East, and be recognized for excellence in teaching, research and community service. The faculty, students and administrators in the School of Business are committed to academic integrity, and ethical and professional conduct.


LAU’s School of Business core value system includes ethics, integrity and mutual respect for diversity and equality. The School of Business encourages its faculty and students to follow this value system in all their endeavors.