Academic Catalog 2016–2017

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Student Life and Services

The Lebanese American University (LAU) is committed to the advancement of its students. In its Student and University Policy, LAU “seeks to develop responsible students with leadership skills and community awareness.” It also “shall provide its students with opportunities to develop academically, physically, intellectually, socially, and morally, in order to meet the challenges they may face in life.”

Campus and student life at LAU is dedicated to helping students, staff, and faculty experience university life at its fullest. There is a profound commitment to diversity of university community and a focus on creating an environment where one can thrive. Through the wide array of programs and services, LAU provides opportunities and experiences that build the community, help one grow personally and professionally, and create a place that one calls home now and throughout life.

Office of the Dean of Students

Drawing its inspiration from LAU’s mission to educate the whole person, the Office of the Dean of Students is charged with providing students with opportunities for academic growth and personal development in order to enrich their overall experience at LAU. Each student is seen as a professional-in-training, deserving high-quality service and personalized attention.

New Student Orientation and Registration Program

The New Student Orientation and Registration Programs (NSORP) are organized by the Office of the Dean of Students at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters.

The New Student Orientation and Registration Program aims to

  • introduce students to various academic programs, services and activities that support their academic and personal success,
  • acquaint new students with university life and further encourage them to become active members of the LAU community,
  • familiarize students with the main resources available on campus, and
  • address issues and problems that students may face to become active members of the LAU community.

The Registration Program aims to

  • conduct a one-on-one advising/registration session with each new student, and
  • help students select and register their courses prior to the beginning of their term.

For more information, visit Orientation.

Counseling Services

Counseling is designed to help students address academic, personal, and emotional concerns. Counselors meet with students on a regular basis to

  • provide quality assessment for an array of psychological issues and set up appropriate intervention and evaluation plans,
  • offer prevention programs for students who are at risk of academic failure, suspension, or dropping out,
  • provide intervention in crisis and emergency circumstances throughout the academic year,
  • establish prevention and intervention strategies related to mental health and learning disabilities,
  • offer referrals, as needed or requested by students, to external professionals for services that exceed the scope of care of the office,
  • offer consultation services for faculty, staff, and students who are trying to help another person through difficult times,
  • refer students, as needed, to one of numerous available services through Office of Student Affairs,
  • deliver workshops to students and faculty to promote awareness of mental health, wellness topics, and preventive measures, and
  • organize awareness campaigns in collaboration with the Health Services Office (visit Health Education & Campaigns).

All consultation and medical records are kept strictly confidential where no information is ever released to or discussed with anyone without the consent of the student.

For more information, visit Health

Professional Advising Services

Professional advising aims to help students tackle academic difficulties and overcome probationary status. Through individual meetings, academic advisors

  • provide students with sound academic advice and assist them in identifying their areas of weakness,
  • communicate to prospective and current students relevant information on the University’s undergraduate and graduate programs, admission requirements, course selection, academic regulations and requirements,
  • provide one-on-one advising to all newly admitted students and help them efficiently register for their courses,
  • create a trusting relationship and a special bond between the students and LAU that promotes student retention and academic success,
  • propose strategies, tools and programs to promote student retention and academic success,
  • identify students with academic difficulties, evaluate their academic situation, advise and encourage them to implement educational and action plans, and propose mentoring activities in collaboration with all available resources within the University,
  • help students chart a path to their degrees and ensure that they meet the requirements of their major towards graduation,
  • provide one-on-one advising and follow up to all freshman students to ensure they sit for SAT II, obtain their freshman equivalency to the Lebanese Baccalaureate, and declare their major,
  • assess students’ need for any non-academic support and direct them to other specialized staff when necessary as in to the university counselor in case of test anxiety, anger, depression,
  • coordinate with career advisors to assess students’ interests through career assessment tools,
  • coordinate closely with other offices under Student Development and Enrollment Management (SDEM) for appropriate student referral,
  • ensure appropriate tracking and follow-up on students by empowering them to develop and implement an educational plan consistent with their interests, abilities, and careers, and
  • clarify graduation requirements to students and motivate them to take prudent decisions to secure their educational goals.

For more information on academic advising, visit Help With Academic Difficulties.

Career Guidance Services

Both graduate and undergraduate students benefit from the Office of Career Guidance & Placement Services. Career advisors aim to encourage students to explore career options, develop effective planning skills, create job plans, and identify career goals. Career advisors help students:

  • clarify their academic and career interests and choose the right major,
  • identify connections between each student’s major and career options,
  • research potential employers,
  • discover job search strategies,
  • write effective résumés and cover letters,
  • prepare for interviews,
  • evaluate job offers from potential employers,
  • learn to negotiate salaries, and
  • determine a course of action to meet career objectives.

The university hosts an annual Career & Internship Fair in which local and international companies offer LAU students full-time, part-time, and internship opportunities. Moreover, career guidance collaborates closely with the Alumni Relations Office to help meet the employment needs of graduates and alumni.

For more information and upcoming events, visit Career Guidance.

Health Services

The Health Services Office at LAU supports the various health and wellness needs of students, faculty, and staff, providing a broad range of high-quality professional services:

  • Treatment for minor, acute, and chronic illnesses and injuries;
  • Emergency assistance and first aid;
  • Supply of over-the-counter drugs for emergency relief;
  • Information about medications and medical conditions;
  • Routine preventative and health assessment exams such as blood sugar, triglycerides, cholesterol level as well as blood pressure monitoring;
  • Vaccines for eligible students;
  • Education to promote healthy living and self-care;
  • Referrals to community health-care providers or specialists;
  • Finding blood donors for hospitalized patients in need;
  • Validation of medical reports (for students with prolonged absences who should notify the University prior to their return);
  • Health-related information collection for new students from the Enrollment Health Record and Physical Health Form (for physical education classes and gym users);
  • Appropriate arrangement, in collaboration with the Red Cross and Education Department, for basic first id and First responder refresher training sessions;
  • Provision of clinical clearance requirements (immunization) set by LAU for all health professional students; and
  • Update on immunization data for health professionals, athletes and LAU dorm residents.

Directed by a registered nurse, Health Services Office is open weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and has an open-door policy with consultation and medical records kept strictly confidential where no information is ever released to or discussed with anyone without the consent of the student.

In addition, the Health Services Office promotes wellness through planning special health-related programs and activities as well as advising the Red Cross and First Responder Clubs in its events. Every year, the office organizes awareness campaigns targeting different topics such as AIDS and STD prevention, World Food Day targeting nutrition and hunger prevention, eating disorders, depression, anti-alcohol and drugs, road safety, living with physical or mental disabilities, blood drive, eye care and other health and mental wellness-related topics. These campaigns are directed at educating students in an entertaining and interactive way as well as increasing their knowledge of preventive measures to secure current and future health.

For more information on relevant programs and activities, visit Health.

Extracurricular Activities

Under the mentorship and coaching of the Office of the Dean of Students, LAU students plan and participate in extracurricular activities through a variety of campus clubs that they initiate. Clubs such as Astronomy, Social Work, UNESCO, Red Cross, Event Organization, Nutrition, Music, International Affairs, Debate, Engineering, etc., are practical arenas for students to further develop the skills they learn in class.

The Office of the Dean of Students coordinates the formation of clubs, while faculty advisors provide assistance towards achieving the objectives of these clubs. By creating venues to recruit student involvement, the office helps in the development of marketing, management, leadership, creativity, and productivity skills on campus and beyond.

Through these means the Office works on establishing an atmosphere where students shape their skills to be leaders, champions, and responsible citizens, and exercise their mind, body and soul in a fair and harmonious environment.

For more information on LAU’s activities, visit Activities.

International Student Program and National Cultural Clubs

With the different nationalities represented on its campuses, LAU has developed programs to help international students adapt to the Lebanese way of life and fully integrate into the LAU community. Through various national cultural clubs, students network with peers from their countries, while learning to appreciate diversity. Both LAU and the students celebrate the richness of such diversity through annual activities that include to the International Heritage Day exhibitions, the Annual Mini Football Tournament.

Student Honor Society

Students at LAU are recognized and honored for their academic achievement at an annual ceremony where they receive awards and certificates of appreciation for completing 24 credits with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5; financial awards are also granted to students with the highest cumulative GPAs in each school.

The ceremony also awards three students from each campus for showing true leadership, true volunteerism, and true inspirational skills within and outside LAU.

Student Representation

The University Student Council (USC) and Campus Student Councils (CSC) in Beirut and Byblos are an executive authority recognized by the Board of Trustees with their mission to represent the students and allow them to communicate their views. Members of the council, elected through campus-wide elections, provide resources for the various student organizations and clubs, offering guidance and support in an attempt to build a generation that is established on the notions of teamwork, dedication and responsibility.

Council bylaws are written by a committee of students and University officials. The student councils

  • represent students in the regulation and coordination of all phases of student governance,
  • promote LAU’s highest interests,
  • cultivate its culture as stated in its mission and vision,
  • advance the welfare and concerns of the LAU student population,
  • enhance LAU’s campus atmosphere and life through extra-curricular activities, and
  • act as an effective liaison between students, faculty, staff and administration.

For more information, visit Student Councils.

Athletics Office

The Athletics program plays a necessary role in the academic and extracurricular life of students. The mission of the program is to provide athletic training, education, and competition opportunities for LAU students. The Athletics Office extends a wide range of sports and extra-curricular activities that are well suited for the needs of our students and the LAU community.

The following sports are currently offered for both male and female students as extracurricular activities: aerobics, badminton, free play basketball, cheerleading, fitness, folk dance, Latin dance, jazz dance, swimming, table-tennis, taekwondo, Thai kickboxing, tennis, track and field, yoga, and Zumba. As varsity sports, basketball, futsal, swimming, table-tennis, taekwondo, Thai kickboxing, tennis, track and field soccer, volleyball as well as men’s handball, rugby league, and water polo are offered.

Throughout the year, the LAU Athletics Office organizes intercollegiate, intramural, high school, and international tournaments, in addition to participating in many other local, regional and international events. Most of the varsity teams are exposed to high-level competition, locally and internationally, and participate in the Lebanese Federation of University Sports (FSUL) sanctioned championships, the USC League (University Sports Conference) as well as play against all officially recognized universities and colleges in Lebanon. At the end of each academic year, an Athletics Awards banquet is held to recognize and honor LAU’s best and most dedicated athletes and coaches.

For more information, visit Athletics.

Residence Halls

LAU provides residence halls for its students on both campuses:

  • In Beirut, female students reside in the on-campus Orme-Gray Residence Hall. Male students live in off-campus Capital Suites dorm.
  • In Byblos, there are three separate residence halls; Dorm B, divided into two wings, one accommodates male students and the other female students, Dorm C reserved for male students and Maatouk Building reserved for female students.

On each campus, a residence hall supervisor and a team of assistants run the dormitories and provide social and extracurricular activities for resident students. The comfortable premises contribute to the students’ academic and social needs.

In Beirut and Byblos, the rooms are pleasantly furnished with bathrooms, beds, desks, cupboards, safety boxes, bed covers, refrigerators, TVs, and telephones. Wireless internet, cable, and individual heating and air conditioning are available in all rooms and apartments. Fully equipped kitchens and laundry rooms are available in all the buildings. The halls also provide cleaning and maintenance services, 24-hour security, lounges equipped with cable TV, DVD players, computers, free internet access, and vending machines. The common areas are all monitored round-the-clock by CCTVs. Student resident assistants live on-site and help familiarize new residents with the buildings and available resources as well as policies.

Students who wish to reside on campus must submit an application as soon as they receive their acceptance.

For more information and application, visit Living at LAU.