Academic Catalog 2016–2017

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Department of Hospitality and Marketing

Faculty and Staff


  • Ladki, Said, Ph.D., Hospitality and Tourism Management

Associate Professors

  • Beyrouti, Nouri, Ph.D., Production Operation Management- Marketing Communications Management and Technology for the Broadcast and Print Media Industries
  • Fahed-Sreih, Josiane, Ph.D., Business and General Economics   Chair

Assistant Professors

  • Farah, Maya, Ph.D., Marketing   Associate Chair
  • Haddad Chamelian, Rania, Ph.D., Management
  • Islami, Hossein, Ph.D., Marketing
  • Kanning, Mark, Ph.D., Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management
  • Mrad, Mona, Ph.D., Marketing
  • Ramadan, Zahy, Ph.D., DBA

Senior Instructors

  • Naja, Hassan, M.B.A.


  • Andraos, Albert, M.B.A.
  • Azzam, Nadia, M.B.A.
  • Moukaddem, Annelie, M.B.A.
  • Slim, Bassem, M.B.A.

Assistant Instructors

  • Hachem, Afif, B.A.


  • Dabboussi, Faten, Senior Executive Assistant  Beirut
  • Tamer, George, Hospitality Lab Supervisor  Beirut

Contact Information


  • Extension 1441
  • Adnan Kassar School of Business 1622
  • Website


  • Extension 2355
  • Frem Civic Center 401 E
  • Website

Degrees and Minors Offered