Academic Catalog 2016–2017

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Department of Communication Arts


The Department of Communication Arts offers a rigorous and innovative education through a liberal arts curriculum that balances theory and practice and embraces critical inquiry, creativity, and research. The department is dedicated to excellence in the production and diffusion of knowledge and the critical practice of Communication, Multimedia Journalism, Television and Film, and the Performing Arts. It aims to develop civically engaged and informed citizens capable of reflecting on local and global issues and their interconnectedness and strives to graduate ethical scholars, artists, and professionals in the various communication fields and specialties.


Faculty and Staff

Associate Professors

  • Lina Abyad, Ph.D., Theater
  • Mona Knio, Ph.D., Theater
  • Jad Melki, Ph.D., Journalism and Media Studies, Chairperson
  • Raed Mohsen, Ph.D., Interpersonal and Public Communication, Dean of Students

Assistant Professors

  • Nadra Assaf, Ed.D., Education and Dance
  • Dima Dabbous, Ph.D., Media Law and Regulation
  • Sabine El Chamaa, Ph.D., Film
  • Monika Halkort, Ph.D., Media and Information Technology
  • Claudia Kozman, Ph.D. Journalism and Mass Communication
  • Martin Loyato, Ph.D., Music
  • Amr Selim, Ph.D., Music


  • Nasser Chour, M.A., TV and Film


  • Tony Farjallah, M.A., TV and Film
  • Joseph Khalife, Licence in Musicology


  • Houry Gostanian, Academic Assistant   Beirut
  • Lisa Hardan, Academic Assistant Byblos

Contact Information


  • Extension 1272
  • Safadi Fine Arts Building 110B
  • Website