Bachelor of Arts in Political Science


The Bachelor of Arts program in Political Science prepares students in comparative politics, international relations, and political theory, as well as the methodology of political analysis.

The program prepares students for graduate studies and/or a variety of entry-level careers.

Program Objectives

Political Science should be able to:

  1. Attain knowledge of facts, theories, and concepts in political science at the national, regional and international levels.
  2. Integrate the cultural, social, legal, and ethical issues inherent in the description and analysis of politics.
  3. Conduct research and apply team work and interpersonal skills effectively.

Program Outcomes

Upon the completion of the program students will be able to:

  1. Describe the basic concepts and theories pertaining to political science
  2. Analyze the interrelationship among the historical, political, economic, cultural, and geographic dimensions in political science
  3. Apply research methods, description, analysis, interpretation and explanation of aspects of political science in written and oral forms
  4. Address problems related to political science in a cooperative manner.
  5. Demonstrate ability to analyze complex ethical issues
  6. Demonstrate collaborative and ethical professional practice.

Admission Requirements

To enter the major, students must meet the general university requirements.

Graduation Requirements

A total of 92 credits are required to graduate, based on:

Major Core Requirements 42 credits
Other Major Requirements 9 credits
Liberal Arts Core (LAC) Curriculum 13 credits
LAC Electives 15 credits
Free Electives 13 credits
Total: 92 credits

Program Requirements

A Senior Study Project is required for all students in addition to successful completion of the course of study.

Major Core Requirements (42 credits):

  • POL201 / Introduction to Political Science (3 cr.)
  • POL203 / Government & Politics of Lebanon(3 cr.)
  • POL210 / Introduction to Political Thought (3 cr.)
  • POL222 / Comparative Political Systems (3 cr.)
  • POL240 / Concepts of World Politics (3 cr.)
  • POL312 / Politics of Developing Areas (3 cr.)
  • POL314 / Research Methodology (3 cr.)
  • POL321 / American Government and Politics (3 cr.)
  • POL322 / Foreign Policy of the Major Powers (3 cr.)
  • POL323 / Middle East Government and Politics (3 cr.)
  • POL331 / International Organization (3 cr.)
  • POL332 / Public International Law (3 cr.)
  • POL422 / The Middle East in World Affairs (3 cr.)
  • POL499 / Senior Study (3 cr.)

Other Major Requirements (9 credits)

  • ECO202 / Macroeconomics (3 cr.)
  • HST305 / Contemporary Europe 1945-1989 (3 cr.)
  • POL 252/ Fundamentals of Conflict Resolution(3 cr.)

13 Credits Free Electives 

Study Plan

Year One

Fall: 14 credits

  • POL 201 / Introduction to Political Science**
  • ARA 2—/3-
  • ECO 201 / Micro Economics
  • English course based on results of English exam*
  • HLT201 / Basic Health (1 cr)
  • CSC201 (1 cr)
  • LAC Elective

If taking ENG009 [no credit], need to take ETH201 / Moral Reasoning in order to be considered full-time at 12 credits. English courses may necessitate taking additional courses in the summer. Students should finish ALL required English courses as soon as possible. 

**ECO202 and POL201 are counted as major requirements AND as LAC Elective courses. 

Spring: 15 credits

  • ECO202 / Macro Economics**
  • Next English course in sequence 
  • LAC Elective
  • POL210 / Introduction to Political Thought
  • POL222 / Comparative Political System

ECO202 and POL202 are counted as major requirements AND as LAC course Elective courses

Summer: 3-6 credits

  • Next English course in sequence, if needed
  • LAC Elective

Year Two

Fall: 16 credits

  • POL203 / Governments & Politics of Lebanon
  • POL240 / Concepts of World Politics 
  • Free Elective (or finish English requirements)
  • POL323 / ME Governments & Politics
  • Free Elective
  • ETH201 / Moral Reasoning (1 cr.)


Spring: 15 credits 

  • POL322 / Foreign Policy of the Major Powers
  • POL312 / Politics of Developing Areas 
  • POL— / Additional Political Science Course 
  • Free Elective (or finish English requirements)
  • LAC Elective

Year Three

Fall: 15 credits

  • POL314 / Research Methodology
  • POL331 / International Organization
  • POL305 / Contemporary Europe 1945 - 1989
  • LAC Elective
  • Free Elective 


Spring: 14 credits

  • POL332 / Public International Law
  • POL321 / American Government & Politics 
  • POL422 / The M.E  in the World Affairs 
  • POL499 / Senior Study 
  • PED — Physical Education (1 cr.)
  • Free Electives (1 cr.)

 TOTAL: 92 credits—the minimum needed for graduation 


Extracurricular Activities

The program encourages students to get involved in a large variety of extracurricular activities. LAU sends 16 Political Science (PS) and Political Science & International Affairs (PS-IA) students to the Harvard World Model United Nations simulation held each year in a different country. Our students learn and practice political and diplomatic skills that will be invaluable in their future careers. Indeed, Harvard World MUN participants regularly say that their participation in this prestigious international activity was one of the most important in their whole undergraduate career. LAU delegations to the Harvard World MUN are regular award winners and were ranked among the top 10 of more than 110 participating universities from around the world.

Many majors have the opportunity to participate as organizers and trainers in LAU’s Global Classrooms-Model United Nations which trains around 1300 local and regional high school students in diplomacy.

Furthermore, PS and PS-IA majors have the opportunity to participate in conferences, workshops, simulations and lectures organized by the school, department and affiliated institutes and centers, especially the Institute of Diplomacy and Conflict Transformation, the Institute for Migration Studies, and the Institute of Peace and Justice Education.

PS majors have the opportunity to do a semester abroad at SciencePo (France); additional formal exchange programs are being developed.

Career Opportunities

A B.A. in Political Science prepares students for a variety of professions including diplomacy, international business, international organizations, journalism, and politics, among others, through a rigorous program that emphasizes theory, methodology and practice. A number of PS graduates also pursue Master’s and Doctoral degrees in Lebanon, Europe, and North America.

Last modified: January 26, 2016