Minor in Mathematics

Program Objectives

The objective of the Mathematics minor is to provide students with a strong background in the skills of logic, reasoning, and critical thinking. More precisely the objectives aim to:

  1. Cover basic topics of a major in mathematics and supplements the students with elective courses from various mathematical fields.
  2. Provide courses designed for students who plan to pursue a graduate degree in Mathematics or in Education with an emphasis in Mathematics.

Program Outcomes

Students who successfully complete the Mathematics minor will be able to:

  1. Exhibit an understanding of the nature of mathematics;
  2. Reason with abstract concepts; and
  3. Follow complex mathematical arguments and develop their own mathematical arguments.

Graduation Requirements

The following courses totaling 18 credits are recommended for the Minor in Mathematics. The minor can be taken by students from any major.

Mathematical Core Requirements 9 credits
Mathematical Electives 9 credits
Total: 18 credits

Program Requirements

The program requires students to complete core requirements that provide a sound mathematical and computer science foundation. In addition, students are required to take elective courses that provide advanced knowledge and skills.

Mathematical Core Requirements (9 credits):

  • MTH201 / Calculus III (3 cr.)
  • MTH207 / Discrete Structures I (3 cr.)
  • MTH311 / Abstract Algebra (3 cr.) or MTH401 / Real Analysis 1 (3 cr.)

Mathematics Electives (9 credits): 

Students should successfully complete three courses from the list of electives below:

MTH206 Calculus IV (3 cr.) 3
MTH301 Linear Algebra (3 cr.) 3
MTH302 Geometry (3 cr.)  3
MTH303 Numerical Methods (3 cr.) 3
MTH304 Differential Equations (3 cr.)  3
MTH305 Probability and Statistics (3 cr.) 3
MTH306 Non-linear Dynamics & Chaos (3 cr.) 3
MTH307 Discrete Structures II (3 cr.) 3
MTH308 Number Theory (3 cr.) 3
MTH309 Graph Theory (3 cr.) 3
MTH311 Abstract Algebra (3 cr.) 3
MTH401 Introduction to Real Analysis (3 cr.)  3
MTH409 Introduction to Topology (3 cr.) 3
MTH498 Topics in Mathematics (3 cr.)  3


Last modified: April 6, 2016